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  1. Yes, but when I install LIne 6 Updater all I get is a black screen on my PC that doesn't do anything. I've uninstalled and re-installed it twice but no joy. Also when I plug the amp into the PC using USB I get a screen message saying 'device not recognised'. very annoying :(
  2. Just bought the Amplifi 75 today so was eager to get started with it. Unfortunately it seems to be beset with problems from the start! 1. Although I can connect my iphone 5C (using latest ios version) by bluetooth no problem, and it plays recorded music through the amp OK, I am unable to adjust or modify any of the guitar tones using the iphone. Sliders move and I can pick or change amps but it makes no difference in tone? 2. I thought I'd do the recommended update in the setting menu just in case I was missing something. Around 20 seconds into the update (using the iphone) I got a message saying 'update failed'. Since then the amp seems stuck in update mode and simply won't work at all! I've sent a support ticket to Line 6 only to be told they may take 3 working days to respond, which isn't encouraging at all. Anyone else had this problem(s) Thanks
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