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  1. Oh wow! Good news! I will check out the freebies. Thank you very much for this offer! :)
  2. Oh no I don't work for them! I ask because there are no free example IRs. I thought maybe somebody bought this IRs and did some own experiences with them. But if nobody knows them, then I'll give Ownhammer IRs a chance. Pete Thorn liked them very much in his videos.
  3. Yes I know Redwire and Ownhammer. But this www.cabir.eu sounds great! Did you hear the sound-examples? The sound really great! And the PDF-manuals on their site are looking really interessting. There are different voicing of all the IRs. This is the reason why I ask, if somebody knows this IRs. It looks really good. Maybe I will buy them.... Hmmm...
  4. Hi everybody, I am new here and I am a Helix Owner since a week. Now I am searching for some new Impulse Responses for the Helix. I found this site: www.cabir.eu They have a IR-category called "pro IR series" with an Orange and three vintage Marshall Cabs. The Audio-Examples sounds very great. Do anybody know these IRs? Are there any other good IR-Packs I should buy? Thank you...
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