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  1. Unfortinately After 4 months of only having the headrush frfr108 i went to turn it on and nothing. i checked fuses ect so im assuming it was the speaker itself but been hearing alot of other people having same issue with the speaker just quitting on them. so im assuming thats why the sound wasnt very good through the speaker cause the pod sounds great through my studio monitors.
  2. Thanks for the tips Guys. as for cables i bought the headrush frfr108 that came with a speaker cable kit ill try different cable as mentioned.
  3. I love the sound of my pod go through headphones, and recently purchased the headrush frfr108 speaker. im not sure if im doing something wrong but pod go sounds thin not full sounding like it normally does through heaphones. i also have the headrush gigboard which i use through the same speaker which sounds great. any settings for the pod go that i should be adjusting while running it through this speaker?
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