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  1. I have a problem with a serious amount of background noise from the Variax in modelling mode and I'd like to find out if anyone recognises it and has a straightforward fix before I return it for a replacement...again. I bought a Variax Standard at the end of January which had problems after the first week with the modelling cutting out until the battery was disconnected/reconnected and the shop replaced it (in hindsight, I suspect an issue with the battery/charger rather than the guitar). Now the replacement one has a completely different problem: deafening background noise when modelling mode is enabled. It worked fine for the first few days of use (and it's a fantastic thing when it's working so I'd rather not just get my money back) but it's unusable at the moment. I've spent some time troubleshooting: the noise is still present with different cables, different amplifiers and I've used Monkey to reflash the firmware with no change in behaviour. The noise is not traditional feedback or audio issues. I'm attaching a recording (MP3) to this forum posting of me switching through the various models to demonstrate the noises produced to show that and to show that it's not just minor background noise. I'm resigned to returning it to the shop to get another replacement or return it if I have to (I knew from the research I did before buying it that it was bleeding edge as a commercial product) but if someone here with a detailed knowledge of the kit can explain what's going on it would be great. Even if it's simply "the problem is due to *this* and *this* is why I know and *this* is why it's unlikely to happen again with your next replacement" then it gives me a bit more confidence that teething problems like this are worth wading through. --Malcolm variax-problem-1of3.mp3 variax-problem-2of3.mp3 variax-problem-3of3.mp3
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