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  1. I've just updated my HX stomp to 2.90, and now I can't change effects at all. It's stuck on the sound it loads on startup. When I select different presets, or change blocks etc, nothing happens - the same patch is in effect the whole time. Any ideas what I can do about this? I tried a factory reset through HX Edit, but that didn't help. I also tried restoring from a backup, but while doing this it times out with error code -8212, and the unit locks up until I reboot.
  2. Thats a good idea, I hadn't thought of that. I'll give it a go. Hopefully the delay between switching patches won't be noticeable if they use all the same effects etc
  3. Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, the tubescreamer does quite a lot the eq of the guitar. The thing that makes a tubescreamer sound like a tubescreamer is the big mid push and the bass cut. Which is great if that's what you want! But I'm after a way of adding a slight overdrive so a fairly clean sound in a way that doesn't change the eq too much. The closest I have found is the color drive with the bass, and treble all around 35% and the mid at 25%. The second best I've found is the non-hd version of the 'classic drive' with the tone on 20%, but both of these still change the eq quite noticeably. Using a clean boost to push the drive of the amp also works, but also changes the volume, unless there is a lot of compression afterwards. What I'm after is something like the Timmy, or the EM drive - but without having to use up the fx loop.
  4. So, I love some of the amp models and sounds I can get through my firehawk, but I find it really hard to get a good overdrive sound. Most of the overdrive/dynamics pedals colour the sound quite a bit. Does anyone have some good settings to suggest to have a foot switch that can add drive, without changing the overall tone too much? I would just like to add some 'grit' without adding a mid hump or a fuzz.
  5. Humm, thanks. My use case is that I have a guitar with some super wide frequency pickups (lace sensor alumitones) that can sound quite harsh if put straight into an slightly overdriven amp, but sound amazing with some pre-eqing. I normally use a graphic eq first in my signal chain, but I was hoping not to need it with my Firehawk.
  6. Is it possible to have a parametric eq straight after the guitar? I can use the Boost+EQ pedal, but that's not very flexible. I'd really like to be able have some high/low pass filters before anything else, but I can't work out how. Thanks
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