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  1. I bought a Toneport UX2 this past Saturday and was surprised to find that it did not work, for reasons that I understand might be more on Apple than Line 6 (or not). I have read through the posts I've found here about El Capitan, how (and which sequence) to update the drivers, even the bit about using some kind of command line bash code to get POD Farm working, but I still cannot get any sound in POD Farm or ultimately Garageband. I put in a support ticket and they were surprisingly little help. I outlined my problem and even provided screen shots of every relevant setting and of Line 6 Monkey to show that I had everything set as was outlined in the instructions regarding the driver update. From the response it seemed pretty clear that none of the screenshots were looked at. I don't want to return my brand new UX2, but currently it's doing me as much good as another hole in my head. Is there anyone else out there who has POD Farm working with El Capitan 10.11.3 or am I some sort of anomaly edge case? (if I seem particularly salty it's because I work in software. This god damn UX2 was supposed to be my escape from faulty code, things that don't work like they're supposed to for no apparent reason, crappy support, and basically everything I'm currently experiencing)
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