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  1. Hello, I have a Line 6 Flextone 3 + FBV Express MK2 and I am very satisfied with the products. However, I want to get more out of my Flextone so I want to download patches with Custome Tone. I have been looking for almost an hour now but I still have no clue at all what software to use for this..... why can't Line 6 make this clear in one instance? When I go to the software download page, it doesn't get clear at all what I must use. One the free software downloads page (https://line6.com/software/index.html) I can select my amp, and then what software must I choose? Is this some kind of game where I have to guess? And when I guess I continuously get "At this time there is no software available that matches your selection". So lets find some help on the help page (https://line6.com/software/help.html)..... a "downloads" page full of text BUT NO DOWNLOAD LINK AT ALL !!!!!! Come on guys, take a look at other companies (Boss is a good example) where ANY search gets a relevant answer within seconds..... please hire a person who knows what he is doing when building a website!!!!!
  2. Hey, Line 6 Edit installation on Windows 10 fails because of Java Runtime... during installation it tries to download the right files but apparently the link isn't valid anymore. I can run the Line 6 Edit application, but as soon as I try to login into the Line6 site to get templates it breaks because of a Java error. What can I do? Are the right files here somewhere? I tried looking it up at Java themselves but the latets version I got from them apparently doesn't work. Thx!
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