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  1. So after I updated my Helix to a 2.01, I was lollipop when finding out they change a few settings I use all the time in my recordings and although they say to back up your presets, I didn't think they'll mess with settings that was already there. I thought they'll just add onto it. So to make an attempt to get the old default settings back I tried downgrading my Helix to a 1.12 again and half way through I got a message saying "an error has occured and to turn it off and back on again" so I did, but now whenever the Helix starts up, it shows this weird GLITCH! I tried holding combo combinations to get it to reset, reboot and all that jazz and still NOTHING! I even tried re-updating it, but still NOTHING! CAN ANYBODY HELP ME TO FIX THIS!! ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!???
  2. So I've updated my helix to 2.01 and they added so much new stuff I didn't expect for them to rewrite so much. Most of my recordings I use the first 3 distortions in Factory 2 - "01A, 01B, & 01C". "01CDjentrifued" is the one I use the most, but they change it and it doesn't sound as good as it does before. Same with 01 & 02, but a slight change. Can anyone provide me with the original setting pleaseeeee your help is much appreciated!!!!!!!
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