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  1. The output mode was set to stack front. I changed it to studio direct. That should help. I also changed the microphone to dynamic 409. I use the e609 when I run my guitar cab. I like those better than the 57's. I also had to change each patch's input to guitar, not guitar-variax-aux-mic. Is there a way to set all the input to guitar without having to go to each patch individually? The output setting was easy, Changed it once, and it applies to all patches. I will know tomorrow how everything sounds, when I am doing soundcheck for our show tomorrow night.
  2. Thank you for the advice. I am running full models. I dialed in my tones first via the POD HD500 editor on my computer. Then, have been adjusting at gig/practice volumes. I will check my output mode, as well as input mode, when I get home tonight. I will also put any 57 mics off axis to cut some of the highs. I know these can sound good going direct. I just haven't figured out the tricks to do that yet.
  3. I have even boosted the bass and mid setting and turned down the treble and presence. Any advice to make it sound good going through the mains as well as monitors?
  4. Nevermind, I figured out how to turn it off. For anyone who doesn't know. Press and hold View button, it brings up system tools. Use the directional pad on the other side of the screen to go to page 2. On page two, Control Knob 2 is for Tap Tempo Light. The default setting is On, turn knob 2 to turn it off. Press and release View again to return back to the display screen. The light should be off.
  5. It's annoying and I don't use tap tempo. Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm obviously not an expert on this but, I did install a custom tone on my HD400 that was created by someone with a HD300. I didn't seem to have a problem.
  7. So, I can not install the custom tones to my HD400 if they were made on a HD500/X?
  8. Sorry, for the confusion in the title thread. I meant, I was trying to install custom tones to my HD400 this morning. The tones were created by someone using an HD500 or 500X. When I tried to download them to my editor, I got an error message that it didn't recognize the file, or something of that nature.
  9. Cool, thanks. I'll try it out and see how it sounds.
  10. I have an HD400 and want to set up a Boston sounding rhythm and lead patch. Any help in getting to that tone would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. My amp doesn't have an FX loop.
  12. Hi all, I just picked up a POD HD400 and have some questions. Here is how I will run it most of the time. I run the HD400 in front of my Marshall Class 5 head and cabinet. I would like to set up a few patches, mainly as a lead boost. I want to combine some OD/Distortion with a touch of delay to get that singing lead tone that Neal Schon or Brian May has. I would also need to run other various effects on certain songs my band plays. I.E. I need tremolo for Born on the Bayou, reverb for other songs, etc. Should I use the FX without the amp modeling, or would it sound good using the amp modeling? Also, If I use the FX without the amp modeling in front of an amp, and we need to go direct into the P.A. with no amps. Would I then be able to dial up those same effects but, add amp modeling too, and how do I accomplish that? I am new to Line 6 effects but, not new to music. Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.
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