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  1. Which text editor do you use? I'm on a macOS computer and am having trouble finding an editor that recognizes .hlx files. thanks rob
  2. Newbie here. Looking to use downloaded CustomTones on my Helix (floor) with new PC+. Would like to use PC+ Speaker models and know I need to disable or remove CAB modeling inside any Helix preset. Is there a global way for Helix to do this? I realize DSP resources are committed with each CAB model programmed. It would be great for either Helix to disable CAB when L6'd to PC+ - OR - for some Helix Edit utility to edit presets to replace AMP-CAB with either AMP or Pre-Amp on command. btw, I tried to replace AMP-CAB with like AMP inside a Helix preset but I notice that (AMP) settings are not preserved. Would be great to have that option so as to make PC+ (Speaker Modeling) use easier. rob
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