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  1. Was searching on youtube for video's about others using the Amplifi 150 and came upon a Amplifi 150 review and demo video of a couple of years ago and could not resist not to comment on it when I read some one in the comments called it "sounding crap". What do you long term owners think about the Amplifi ? So this was my response: I own an Amplifi 150 and have a love and hate relation ship with it. I was not giving me the right bass punch needed (play 7 string metal ) and the high tones ranges could sound much better. So I did upgrade (see link for details) the stock speaker for a full range one and this amp transformed completely. For an amp being sold as a "Modeling amp" it should come equipped with a more high quality full range speaker from factory it will also upgrade the quality of the bluetooth and plugin audio futures . As guitar modeling amps have to simulate a lot of varieties of amps a higher quality full range speaker will reflex much more the full potentiality of guitar modeling. For me ( because this is my first "Modeling amp") successfully creating banks with various famous high gain amps has become a challenge and rewarding time spending on the Amplifi and once you get trough the technicality of it ,is when the liking of this amp occurs. See the Amplifi as an "all in one" basic forerunner of his big brother Helix. A future 2x12 cabin with the Helix build in would be a dream, keeping the bluetooth futures of course. Speaker swap: https://line6.com/support/topic/52715-speaker-swap-line-6-amplifi-150-update/
  2. HI folks, Bought a used Line 6 POD xt live couple of weeks ago and have been messing around with the settings and I'm starting to getting to like it. Have downloaded the Line 6 Edit software and have been downloading some patches for it from our https://line6.com/customtone/browse/podxt/ and have been importing some nice patches through the Line 6 Edit software. I'm looking for some websites where users share their Line 6 POD xt live like this one for example ( https://www.jasonstallworth.com/pod-xt-live-metal-tones/ ) We are in to Metal music so everything in that direction would be nice.A big thanks. Greetings,
  3. UPDATE : Hi Folks, Big day today,the upgraded Celestion speaker just arrived and like I promised I will do a little update and tips on the install of the speaker. Pic 1: Put Amplifi on his speaker side and remove backplate (6 screws) be careful not pull to hard on this backplate because the motherboard with cables and ribbons are attached to it. Pic 2: Remove black mash shielded cable(2 pin) from the Amp/Powersupply board.(screwed on the bottom of the Amplifi) Pic 3: Proceed to remove from this same Amp/Powersupply board the White 2pin cable and the Red Green Black 8pin cable. Pic 4: Remove the Green Yellow ground cable (attached on the screw right under of the board) from Amp/Powersupply board and proceed to remove this board(5 long Philips screws) Pic 5 :Remove speaker cable (Red&Black) and the Gray ribbon cable and also the 6pin Red&White cable from the motherboard that is attached on the backplate. Don't forget to remove the Green Yellow ground cable form this backplate. Pic 6: Now the whole backplate with motherboard can be removed so to create better work space. Tape all remaining cables out the way so when removing speaker no damage can be done to them.Remove 4 speaker screws and carefully remove speaker.Lift the speaker holding on to the magnet and push speaker aside and then up sideways for it to come out. Be careful not to perforate the speaker cone. Pic 7: Stock speaker. Pic 8: Now comes the tricky part!! For this Upgrade speaker( it is a bit higher in size than the stock one) to fit in through the cabinet hole, I had to remove the complete speaker mash from the cabinet. So to remove this speaker mash you have to remove black plastic cover on the bottom of the Amplifi ( about 10 screws) and then slide the speaker mash of from the cabinet. Pic 9: You need to remove the speaker mash so the new speaker can sink a bit into the speaker hole of the cabinet and so can be set to his place.Screw the new speaker with the 4 speaker screws. Pic 10: Reattached Amp/Powersupply board, reconnect all cables to their designated connectors and be careful not to over stretch cables during this procedure, because this can result in bad connectivity. Place backplate carefully in his place and tight the 6 screws. Congratulations, you have done the greatest and most important upgrade on the Line 6 Amplifi 150 and be ready to create the sound you always wanted from this amplifier. Remember this Upgraded Celestion F12-X200 is a full range flat response speaker with a build in crossover and it took me an hour to replace. So no rocket science here. The Celestion F12-X200 is specially build for Modulation Amps and has given the Amplifi a more wider range with more power on the low and high ends. No more muddy sounds when sliding the bass all up and a lot of more treble and mid when needed with distorted metal sounds.(fits perfect now with my Schecter 7 string) We have giving it a test tonight and I must say it was worth all the $ 230 I paid for it(shipping to Aruba included) It's like if I have bought a whole NEW AMP. I had this amp sitting in the corner and only used it once in a while for practice purposes but that is going to change very soon and the stage is one of them. They have just dropped the prices on these Celestion F12-X200 speakers from $150 to $ 132 so I think you can never go wrong with this upgrade. I will keep you folks up to date on the amps future performances but from what I have heard so far I hope it's gonna last a long time. Greetings and happy holidays wishes from a happy Line 6 owner.
  4. Hi Folks, Have search this forum for people who have replaced their Amplfi 150 stock speaker for an upgraded one. So far I have not found any about a swap, but found this topic on this forum "Amplifi 150 Suggestions. Is It Just Me?" where user claims about the lack of low end on the Amplifi 150. I'm having the the same Low end issue with mine and was thinking to replace the Celestion G12P-80 (stock speaker) for an upgraded Celestion series. I was in doubt between the Celestion G12H-150 Redback and the Celestion F12-X200 (Full range Flat response). After some research on the net between these two the choice was made to go for the Celestion F12-X200. This because I think it will fit with my Metal style (7 string) of playing well, where a Low end is required. The Celestion F12-X200 has a wider range in the lows and the highs than the Celestion G12H-150. I know that comparing it without actually hearing the speakers is impossible but I live on an Island where trying new speakers is out of the question, so I have to go with my "guts feeling". This week I'm gonna order a Celestion F12-X200 for the Amplifi 150 at AmplifiedParts.com (through Amazon) I will do an update when speaker arrives. Greetings,
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