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  1. Yes sir. I have been working on that just not real good with it yet lol. Thank you for the link though that is actually interesting. It also gives me a very good idea on the sounds and how to work them right. I can do live sound and recording now plus car audio sound staging. Yet I suck at setting up guitar tones. The link you showed me I must have overlooked it.
  2. dog24fret

    Patch questions

    Is there a way to hear the patches before I download them? I really would like to avoid downloading them and all the work to put them on the hd500 to find out I don't like it. I am still learning with this unit and also did not find anything about this topic when I searched it. Thank you for all and any help
  3. Sorry for not hitting the solved button. Still learning the rules. One question though. Where is the blasted like button? haha Been several comments I liked but no need to respond to them
  4. I have noticed that actually while playing with the program.
  5. Ok. I will remember that in the future. True sir. I just like the edit program because it is bigger and prettier haha.
  6. Wanted to update this real fast. I don't know what happened really. But I reset the pedals software and resynced the pedal to the edit program. Now every set list is different now. Each one one pedal is what the edit program shows on the computer. Now it works and I have all of them plus my new setlists. Any clue if this was a glitch or something? I do thank you all for the help with trying to figure this out
  7. Yes sir that is what I am trying to say. The edit program with the pod connected shows all the presets like they should be. The pod itself shows the title for each preset but has only worship settings on all of them. It is kinda like having 6 different game titles but all are the same game under different titles. If that makes any more sense? I am going to try the individual again and see what happens this time. I won't hit sync all button just try it individually this round. I have also used the line 6 pod vid for the edit program. It still does the same thing. Like I said I just know I am screwing up somewhere just don't have enough knowledge on this unit yet to know what. It is easier figuring out gear ratios or box rise with voltage resistance than figuring out how this beast works haha
  8. Yes sir. I select the setlist preset then push enter on the pedal. It will load the heading let's say HD but all the settings and presets under that label is the same as worship. I know this has to be something stupid I am doing wrong from the computer to the pod. I only have all the settings for tones for worship only on every setlist on the pod
  9. Yes sir it does just that. No matter which way I do it so far
  10. If I didn't explain it right. Please feel free to ask me if I did a certain step or whatever. I've used this pedal 6 times so far. So I'm very new to it still
  11. Ok I thought it was clear guys sorry. I just went simple I thought and easy to follow. I used the edit program on the computer yes. I went to set list user 1. I added a few patches to it and created a few of my own. Yes the Pod was connected to it. After I got done with the patch and renamed user 1 to Worship. I then saved it to file. Then I hit all then synced it. After it was done I unhooked the pedal to check it out. Worship had everything it was suppose to have. It all worked out great. I decided to switch from worship to the factory metal set list on the pedal. It wasn't metal anymore. It was worship. The same for each of the other set list on the pod. So HD was worship same with Style and so on. So instead of having it go like this not all exact just visual HD Metal Style Artist mix user1(worship) user2 user3 Ok if I can clear it up more I hope. If I want to go from user1 to HD. Everything I programed onto user1 is also on HD,metal,style,artist and mix. This is on the pedal itself with pedal not connected to the computer. I don't have the selections anymore. They show on my edit screen on the computer when pedal is hooked up. Just on the pedal I have all of what ever I sync to. I tried to resync the HD from the computer to the pedal by hitting all again. Now all set lists on the pedal now have the set list of HD. I really hope this helps guys.
  12. I have looked through the forums and even contacted line 6 support. No help yet. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I created a new user set list labeled as worship. I got all the settings the way I wanted and saved it. Well here is where it has lost me and no help from anyone to this point. After I save the set list to the pod. All set lists including the factory set lists. All have what is in my worship set list. So If I scroll to HD it will have what Worship has. Same with all the other set lists. What am I doing wrong with this? I wanted to add a user set list and keep all the individual factory presets. Please help me with my screw up hahaha
  13. Yes sir. I did actually do that. I have that file name only. I mean everything under that name. If on the pedal I select another set it will be the same as the one named worship. I thought I could use multiple set list if that is the right way to say it. I used a user section and loaded to it. Now when I chose another one. It will be the same as the one we just created. Am I explaining this right? I am lost on this thing haha. Like this example Rock metal hdfx style music efx user1 (Worship now) user2 user3 I select any of these they will all be user1 only. Is this normal for this device.
  14. I just got the pod hd500x yesterday. I am trying to set up a user set list with it's own name. But when I go to the pedal and go to the menu for set lists. all the set lists are the same as the new one. The new one is labeled Worship but when I go to FX Heavy or the others it is the same. On the edit software on the laptop shows them. What am I doing wrong here? Am I not able to switch between all of them when I want?
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