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  1. I'm not sure which pcb you are referring to. If the 75 watt combo pcb is the same I will look into that one for sure. I was looking at the hd150 pcb because it has the same setup just doubled. Either way, if it doesn't work, I'll be writing line6 products off for good. Maybe my money will be better spent with a company that will provide parts for even the most vintage of products. It would be nice if line6 could just give some advice instead of "send it in and MAYBE we'll fix it or MAYBE NOT." Like I said. I'll reply back to this post with my findings. Good luck yourself Spidercrack.
  2. Unfortunately NO. I have called every repair shop listed by line6 and have had zero luck even finding a used or scrapped pcb. Even the techs who repair line6 have expressed their frustration with the company and its lack of customer care. Specifically ones wit older gear. I am going to try to modify the pcb from the hd150 which is still available from full compass. (I hope) I'll let you all know what happens.
  3. I have contacted full compass for the replacement PCB for my hd75 as instructed by the line 6 tech. Full compass contacted line 6 and was told there is no replacement left and there will be no more made for the older models. I contacted line 6 only to be told that their focus is only on new products so I am just out of luck.... and a few hundred dollars I might add. I think it's bad business on their part seeing how there are a lot of complaints about this specific issue. Anyway my question is... is there another PCB for any similar amp head that can directly replace the one I had blow on my HD75? And if there is where can I order it from. Neither line 6 nor full compass could recommend anything due to "liability". What about the liability of a fire hazard in my home? Please help me find a fix before I sign off on this company after my first and only purchase of their products.
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