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  1. I purchased a PC 212+ in June 2020. Up until then I just used my Mackie HR824 studio monitors with my Helix in the studio. I got everything sounding great in the studio. I always have everything flat running in Studio One and adjust all EQ within Helix. When I added the PC 212+ to my rig, first I tried Flat FRFR, LF Raw.... It sounded really bad to me. After messing around a while, I ended up using the Vintage Pair speaker model on the PC 212+. That sounded really good to me. The Green Pair sounds good too. I played for hours, and you know it sounds good when you play for hours. The cab block was disabled in the Helix, and I was only using the speaker models. I thought great, now I've got a Swiss Army amp. Then I attached two brand new Mogami mic cables from the XLR outs of the PC 212+ into my Studio 192. Because there is no cab block I can't use the XLR outs on the Helix. Once again I wasn't happy. It sounded like crap, and this is what would be going to the FOH. The PC 212+ sounded great, but the sound coming out of the XLR outputs did not. After trying many different cabs, IR's and every speaker model, hoping to get FRFR to sound good, I finally ended up re-activating the cab block (2x12 Interstate) in my signal chain, in combination with the Vintage Pair speaker model in the PC 212+ and it solved my problem. I get a very similar tone coming out of the PC 212+ speakers and the XLR outs going to the FOH or Studio One, and it sounds great. The tone is a bit different than the speaker model alone, but just as good to me. I'm using a single Mogami 3080 AES/EBU Cable from the Helix to the PC 212+, running in stereo. The amp block I use most is the Interstate Zed. I was wondering if anyone else is doing it this way, or has a better solution. Is it even legal to use a cab block and a speaker model together? :-)
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