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  1. Thanks so much yes I know what you said ... I manually set the sound i want, no problem thanks!
  2. Hi I'm new to Line 6 and to the world of the electric guitars.. I've just bought this beautiful amp and I would like to ask a few things .. The sound "metal" on the amp in some situations is too metal in fact for example I'd like to play songs like "I love rock n' roll" , "smoke on the water " with not so much can you tell me some settings for rock songs in particular ? ( not metal songs, just pure rock ) ... note that I already know the section of this site where I can find the "tones".. I want only a suggestion from you for rock settings. .please don't tell to visit that section of the site because I've already done it ..and finally for the rock settings should I modify something on the guitar knobs or I only have to change on the amp the drive, mid, bass and so on ?
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