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  1. Pac_man, I'm a FH owner and have become frustrated with Line 6's choice to no longer support it. If you look at the SW updates available, FH doesn't appear once and yet all of the POD line is still there. I consider this a big middle finger to those of us who spent $499 on a new pedal only to have it abandoned a few years down the line for their pet Helix. Blu tooth connectivity continues be a huge issue which renders the pedal useless to me as I can't edit parameters. I'm giving it one more try with the Gear Monkey. If that doesn't work I'm trading up to a Head Rush. It's a shame as I have been a L6 customer for almost 20 years with the Variax 300 and bass, both guitar and bass POD XT Live pedals, and the Relay 10.
  2. I'm ready to pull the trigger on a JTV 59. Before I do I wonder if anyone can tell me how the models respond to palm muting, particularly heavy chunking aka Helmet, Royal Blood, FFDP sound? I have a 600 and found it not very realistic, especially with the drop D and lower tunings I have programmed in it.
  3. Adding to my original note. After some research in the user guide (Reading directions!), I'm moving away from suspecting the micro switch on my G10 to WiFi interference. My band has numerous wireless devices and I use my tablet with my Firehawk. More on-stage experimentation forthcoming.
  4. Anyone else having trouble with their G10 kill switch? I'm fairly certain this the cause. My G10 worked great for about three months then it stopped in the middle of a show. The transmitter LED was green and receiver was solid white but I had no signal. Blowing compressed air into the housing around the switch fixes it for a time but I can only get it to last for about a set now. I haven't tried redocking it for 15 seconds according to the tutorial but with both status LED's good I have to assume the kill switch is failing, wearing out, or getting corroded. I use the hell out of this thing! On a side note, I do believe this started right after I brought my new Firehawk FX to my shows. Are they interfering with each other? Unconfirmed but as I said, both G10 status LED's show no loss of signal.
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