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  1. good input, let me see if I can get that working :)
  2. Guys, i was facing the same issues, and just actually looked yesterday, and it appears that the drivers have been released. :D I personally have a TonePort UX8 - i went here http://line6.com/software/selected the device i am using, the software that i wanted, and yes, i am using the Capitan OS. Now, what i had to do was the following: When you download the drivers, you have to actually look at the contents of the installer, right click, view contents, or something like that, and then manually install each driver package, podfarm, monkey, gearbox, licenser etc. After i did that, i checked my system sound settings, and behold, there was my TonePort, checked my DAW, behold, it works. i am very happy about this :) :) :) Thanks Line 6!!! Preston
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