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  1. I am running Helix Native in Reaper 5.4 on Mac OS with a Focusrite Solo. I generally use only FabFilter R to add some effects, the rest is just Helix Native effects. I am monitoring the signal post chain via the Focusrite and the latency is noticeable for sure. The latency noted at the top of Reaper is 14-15ms which doesnt sound extreme. Does anyone have any tips to reduce the time through the USB interface back to my headphones? I am a relatively new DAW/USB/plugin user and all the effect on latency is beyond my current level of knowledge. Thanks!
  2. I am using Helix Native in the newest version of Reaper in the latest update of Mac OS. Signal chain is ESP Horizon>Focusrite Solo>MacBook Pro When monitoring a track (or recording) the sound cuts out completely for a 1/4 to a 1/2 second at random. I can see the drop in audio signal to zero then it comes back. I use this setup a lot with no issues, the only change is Helix Native. It is possible that something else in the chain failed at the same time of course. The fact that I see it in the spectrum on Reaper makes me think it is not the DAW. Any thoughts would be great.
  3. Line 6 retweeted the ProSoundNetwork announcement. Does that mean it is close?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I am terrible at making presets so far so I wanted to build off of a few I found for the POD. I am trying to get a Matt Heafy tone (Trivium) from the In Waves album. I have a hard time dialing in the metal presets, my ears get tainted after a while. If any Trivium fans have any suggestions that would be helpful!
  5. Is there a method to do this? I see some custom tones I really like on the POD HD, but I have a Helix. Is there a way to port the preset to .hlx? Or a way to look inside the POD preset to see what the settings are? Thanks
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