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    I use midi background when I play live. I would like to have my computer tell the M9 what scene to use for each song. Sometimes I have 2 scenes in a song. right now my computer (on midi 16) controls my harmonizer (in and out at the right time) and stage lights (on when song starts and off at song end) . They kick in and out at the right time during a song. This is all handled by the midi file. Side note the midi signal is sent to a synth then to PA for song music. I have a Korg AX1000g board its good but it would be nice to have the computer switch scenes eg from rhythm to lead then back to rhythm, with no foot action needed! All I have to do is start the midi song and just play and sing. Eg I see the computer sending a midi signal to the M9 saying go to Bank 7, scene 3 then again to Bank 4, scene 3 get the idea? WILL THE M9 DO WHAT I WANT?
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