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  1. Hi Since installing Gearbox 3.72 onto another Windows 7 PC I find it slow to launch then when it does, it is slow to respond whatever I am trying to do. Upon launching the program it sticks for ages at the point " initialising DSP" Its perfect on the my other PC. The only difference is this machine is 64 bit operating system as against 32 bit on my original where it works fine? Any ideas anyone? - Thanks
  2. Apologies if this has been asked numerous times before but I am really confused as to my options to replace Gearbox with my Guitarport. I have happily used this software for years but having done my best to get it to work with windows 10 have given up as I cannot find any reliable solution and tend to lose sound on/off. I am no professional but I spend many a time jamming along to mp3 files/backup tracks, using the loop feature and generally playing with the tones and combinations. That's about as far as it goes. Could anyone advise me of a line6 product that would work on windows 10 and would provide (using my Guitarport device) similar (or maybe better) to what Guitarport/Gearbox has previously provided me. I read about Podfarm which is maybe what I need but don't want to shell out the money only to find out it doesn't do what I want as above. Thanks for any help Alan
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