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  1. Hello, I have assigned a wah model in HX Effects to EXP1 with auto-engage. (so the wah isn't assigned to a footswitch). It works, but I can't see if the wah is on or off, only hear it. Is it possible to see if the wah is on or off with a visual light, like the rings around the footswitches? Thanks in advance, Jerry
  2. Hi, I have a Variax JTV-69 and I use a Roland GK3 pickup for my guitarsynth. Now I want to use the LINE 6 XPS A/B box, so I can power the Variax through this box. But how do I connect it? Because there goes a cable from the the GK3 pickup to the input jack from the JTV, so I can't connect the jack output to the XPS box. Is there a way to use the XPS box? TIA, Jerry
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