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  1. Thanks for the reply. As it so happens, I also have a PowerCab 112 (non-Plus), so I could do as you suggest. How would I set up the Helix to accommodate both instruments at once?
  2. I'm running my electric guitars through Helix Floor into a PowerCab + using L6 Link. This gives me the ability to have some patches set up where I take advantage of the PC+'s speaker modeling, and others where it's FRFR and I use Its or the cab models in Helix. I recently got an analog synthesizer and am wondering if it's possible to simultaneously run it through the Helix for effects only and then into the PC+ in FRFR mode? Can this be done while also running guitar through Helix and into the PC+ set to a speaker model? So in other words, guitar and synth going through Helix with their own discrete signal paths, PC+ providing FRFR output for the synth and speaker modeling for he guitar. Hope my question is clear. Thanks!
  3. I did notice that and have been playing around with the KWS model. It needs more gain, so maybe a gain block in front and linked to turn on/off with the KWS? Hmmmm...
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I will try all of them. I’m using the Brit Plexi Bright amp model along with a vintage Fender Strat. When I think Fuzz Face I think Hendrix, so in my mind this is the ideal set up for that particular effect.
  5. I my analog days I often kept some variation of a Fuzz Face pedal in my chain. My favorite was the Fulltone '69 pedal because 1) it was germanium, which I prefer, and 2) it allowed you to fine-tune the bias and contour to remove any inherent "woofiness" in the tone, resulting in a tighter feel that tracked better on fast runs. The Arbiter Fuzz on Helix sounds OK, but is a bit too "wooly" for my tastes. It also seems to be modeled more toward the silicone end of the fuzz spectrum. Does anyone have a suggestion for either fine-tuning the existing Arbiter Fuzz effect to get a tighter tone, or for getting a similar sound using one of the other distortion effect models? Thanks, Mike
  6. JMP45

    BB King

    B.B. used Fender Twin Reverb amps before the Lab 5. On the Helix I use the "US Double Vib" amp+cab model, the "421 Dynamic" mic, and a touch of "63 Spring" reverb. Having a dual humbucker semi-hollow body guitar is essential. My solid body guitars through the same patch don't sound anywhere close.
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