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  1. Nope, it works fine with the Rocksmith cable. I found the issue. I'll look like the worst n00b ever but for the sake of the next one that don't know what's going on: I had a stereo cable instead of a mono. Somehow the stereo worked fine with the guitar, probably because of the internals of the jack made contact with the correct part of the plug. Unfortunately I wasn't so lucky with the bass, so that's why it was dead silent with every amp I tried with that cable. Bought the correct instrument cable and everything is fine now :)
  2. Yes I've tried the tones search but I still don't hear anything with my bass whereas my non-bass guitar works perfectly. I'll try specific profiles where the amp has "bass" in it's name but I don't think it will change anything, because even with "no amp" it's dead silent.
  3. I know this is not the typical use for this amp but as I saw in other threads/places, it's supposed to work well when you play at reasonable volume in your living room, which is what I want to do. I got my amp today, updated to latest firmware, and when I plug in the bass, there is no sound going out. 9V battery is brand new, volume on guitar is turned up. Plugged in a Jay Turser standard non-bass guitar and sound comes out clearly. Bass works when plugged in a computer. Anything special needs to be done to make a bass work with that amp? Bass model is Yamaha TRBX304.
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