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  1. chicago43055

    Newbie Help

    Can you use the customtones that are on this site with a iv amp? If yes, how do you d/l them to the amp? Do you need any special equipment? Thank You for your help.
  2. chicago43055

    Newbie Help

    Thank You....finally connected
  3. chicago43055

    Newbie Help

    It came with an USB cable(which I plugged into my computer) and the RJ45 cable(which you plugged into USB unit the other end into the Variax standard guitar).
  4. chicago43055

    Newbie Help

    I purchased a variax standard...HD Workbench can not find the variax standard says I am not connected...any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. Thank You in advance. :)
  5. chicago43055

    Help with Preset Songs

    I know from reading there are preset songs such as Day Tripper .. Hard Days Night .. songs from the 50's 60's etc. However, I can not figure out how to get these songs to show up. Would someone please walk me through on how to find these songs. Thank You very much confused in Ohio.
  6. chicago43055

    Please Help Newbe

    Thank You
  7. Just purchased the line 6 spider 4 150 watt amp with the short board fbv 2 controller...my problem, for example when I choose a sound like pop rocks using the short board...pop rocks blinks...when I start to play the short board moves to a different sound...how do you stop the blinking so the sound does not change? My other question is...how do you get a song to show up that came with the amp? I have read the manual but just can't figure this out. Thank You very much for your time.