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  1. Hey guys, it feels like I've read the whole internet twice, but I still did not find a solution to my problem. I know that this topic has come up here before, but also there I could not find an answer. So, maybe anyone can help me: I got a few patches with heavily time-based FX on them like pattern tremolo, seeker, etc.... Now I need to time sync these effects to our playback loops and Click coming from cubase. First I tried sending Midi-Clock to the POD which made me find out that the POD recognizes the Tempo but it is slightly offset. Also it seems like the POD does not recognize the position of the Beats... Meaning that when I run the playback the TapTempo might have the correct speed, but it is not sync... I also tried sending TapTempo commands via Midi. This also does not work. First off all the Time based FX are reset to 1 when the Tap Tempo command is coming in so I can not simply keep a TapTempo-Track running with a command like every 1/4th... When I send a few TapTempo-commands before the song starts it drifts apart too much already after 20 seconds. I tried to retrigger with a single TapTempo-command every 4 bars, but this also gives weired results, sometimes it's slightly ahead, sometimes a little behind.... Does anyone know if it is possible to fullysyncronize the POD via MIDI? (Cubase 8 on 2017 iMac HS 10.13.6, Steinberg UR44, POD HD500X)
  2. Hey guys, after a lot of reading about what might be the best amp-modeling-solution for me i just decided to order a HD500X. So I am new to this forum and I hope someone can answer my questions... I googled a lot but I could not find an answer.... When I am recording, I usually reamp everything... With it's great reamping-workflow I first thought about getting the eleven Rack, but there where too many points that made me prefer the HD500X. I saw that the HD500X has an unbalanced AUX-IN, but i could not find out about its impedance. So my question is, can send a line-signal from my audio-interface directly to the AUX-IN of the HD500X or do i need a reamping-box...? ...then I'd go the the regular GIT-IN anyway... Thanks!!!
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