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  1. Thanks for your post. It's refreshing to see someone post something positive instead of the usual gripe and moan session that goes on here.
  2. ​I was looking at doing a switch last night. I used a jumper wire and found the 2 points I'd need to solder up. There's already a on/off switch on the front of it. I cant figure why Line 6 needed another switch built into the output jack. The only thing I can think of is the jack assembly is used from the Variax 600 days.
  3. You still have to power up the Variax by plugging something in the regular jack. I use a cut off end from a cable. When thats plugged in you can hear the Variax models through the headphones. While using the headphones you can still output to an external amp at the same time. The amp has its own power. It uses (4) 357 watch batteries. You should be able to see the battery cover in the pictures.
  4. Yes everything else still functions normally.
  5. It's simply a powered output for headphones like you'd use on an ipod. I'm not sure where you got the idea the cavity stays open, its all closed.
  6. This has been a fun guitar to modify. This morning I added a little headphone amp I had laying around. The amp is a Ministar Scamp with clean and overdrive. Here's some instructions and pictures of the installation in case anyone else wants to do the same. 1) Unscrew & remove the Variax's back cover. 2) Unscrew & gently slide out the Variax's jack assembly & wiring. 3) Locate the amp as centered between the 2 mounting holes on the Variax's back cover. That's the best place for clearing the electronics board. 4) Trim the Variax back cover to fit the amp. I used a Dremel tool. 5) Remove the amp's back cover. This will give additional clearance over the circuit board. 6) Run the amp wire through the cavity to the jack assembly 7) Solder the amp leads to the jack circuit board locations as shown in the picture. 7) Gently slide the jack assembly back in & screw it down. 8) Fit the amp through the hole in the Variax's back cover & screw the Variax cover down. 9) Move any wires out of the way to fit the amp. 10) Locate and & screw down the amp. Note: For clearance, make sure the back cover from the amp is removed and there are no wires under the amp. If you don't do those 2 things, it puts pressure on everything when tightening the screws. To operate: Simply plug your headphones in to the amp's headphone jack and turn it on. If you want to hear the Variax models, you'll need to plug something into the 1/4" jack on the guitar. I just use the end from a 1/4" cable. EDITED for installation instructions.
  7. I'm somewhat of a gadget person. I installed a Shadow Tremolo E-Tuner (model# SH HB-T TR) on my JTV-89F.
  8. In reviewing this thread, I realize I didn't post any pictures up. So here you go.
  9. Sorry I posted anything here. Take care all.
  10. I have a Shadow e-Tuner, a D'Addario, and now the Tronical. When they show in tune the software shows the guitar out of tune and the software can't read it. The software is Youcisian. I run it on a PC through an iRig HD. Perhaps you can explain all that to them and they will fix their algorithyms. With my work schedule and where I live, there is no music teacher available when I am. The software is available anytime I want to sit down and learn. Perhaps it has something off on tuning. But it does teach the basics in an interesting way. If you have some other method that fulfills criteria to learn, please let me know what it is.
  11. I get the knowing how to tune. I've been doing that over the last year. However, the software I use requires a slight tune down in order to read the the notes. If I tune the guitar to a proper tune, i.e. where my tuner says its in tune, that's another tune setting. So there is at least 2 settings I have to contend with. I realize tuning is a basic part of the learning process. But, I'd rather spend the time learning to play a song using the fret boards, strings, and timing. I figure I'll refine what I've learned with different tunings. I feel if I have a guitar in tune when I use it while I'm learning, then I'll already know when its in tune when I get around to learning about tuning, fine tuning and alternative tunings. I'd just rather learn about tuning later then sooner. The fancy gadget allows me to do just that. I just wanted to put out there the device fits on the Variax. Thank you for your time and input gentlemen.
  12. Hi all. I'm a beginning guitarist. I recently purchased my Variax Standard second hand. I also have a JTV-89F. I've been learning to play over the past year and kept getting bummed by constantly having to tune the guitar when I wanted to play. I've been leaning to play from an app called Youcisian and using an iRig HD to import the signal into my tablet. Youcisian requires a slightly different tune to read the strings correctly. So I was back and forth between tunes with my practice guitar. When I got the Variax Standard I also installed a C1 Tronical tuner. It makes short work of my tuning chore. I realize the Variax allows for custom tunes as well through the Bench software. I just haven't dived into it yet to learn what all it does and make it function the way I'd want it. I'm still pretty dumb with the guitar yet. Anyway, forums are great for sharing information. And I had not seen any on the Tronical and Variax Standard mix yet. I look forward to learning a lot about the Variax guitars and their capabilities.
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