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  1. Ah! I didn't think I needed to to use the SPDIF. I'll look through all my old gear. I think I have a Roland V880 somewhere. Or perhaps I can use my tc electronics G-force. Thanks! And I don't need hardware monitoring at all. I just want to record the band as we play on full blown volume in the rehearsal room. Thank you for your answers (sorry I can't mark both as best answer).
  2. Hi! Yesterday we wanted to do a quick demo recording of our band in our rehearsal room before hitting a studio in october. But, I couldn't figure out how to get 8 simultaneous inputs working. Here's what I managed to do: By setting the input of the first signal path to 'return 1/2' (and the output to USB 1/2), the input of the second signal path to 'return 3/4' (and the output to USB 3/4), and using the 'guitar in', We got 5 simultaneous inputs working (1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 which the 'guitar in' is routed to). But when I plugged a dynamic mic directly to the 'mic in' I didn't get anything on channel 8 - this should work, right? Maybe it was a faulty cable? Is there a physical input I can route to outputs USB 5/6?
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