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  1. Hi - I used my G70 for the first time on Saturday and it worked a treat. Except, the clip on the transmitter was not strong enough - it fell off the strap regularly (I can't fit it to my belt as I have 3 guitars) and eventually the wire clip fell off. Which is difficult to deal with in a live situation. I have yet to re-fit it and it ended up in my pocket. Can anyone recommend a pouch that would fit the TB516G, that I could use on the strap? Thanks
  2. Thank you very much, this worked perfectly. I used it for the first time on Saturday.
  3. Hi, I have a new G70 and transmitter. I see that there are firmware updates available and even advised, but I can see no way of doing this. The units aren't recognised by Windows, it doesn't see any drivers; and the method I normally use for updating Line 6 gear (Pod HD, for example), the Line 6 Monkey, doesn't seem to know about this either. So: 1. Are there drivers for the transmitter (TB516G) / receiver (G70)? 2. If so, how do update the firmware? Thanks in advance! Ian
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