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  1. Maaco1887

    Wah help

    One thing that help is assigning it to a foot switch. Dont have to press as hard. It's amazing how well the helix is so user friendly in that manor. I like the throaty wah. How bout you?
  2. Maaco1887

    Wah help

    Figured it out. I wasn't pressing the pedal all the way down to engage. You really have to give it a push.
  3. Maaco1887

    Wah help

    Can someone walk me through how to set up a wah using the helix supplied pedal. I'm lost.
  4. Cutting the high end was huge. Thank you. Also added a basic eq after the amp. Very happy now. Def getting there.
  5. Any suggestions on the best sound when running into an active cab? Such as the Atomic active CLR Cab. Having problems dialing a nice tone. Newby here. Should I bypass cab sims?
  6. Hello, I was wondering if I should bypass the Cabs on my Helix Presets if I'm using a Powered Cab such as the Atomic CLR Active Cab. Also any advice you can give me would be great. As far as Running it to a powered cab. Fav presets...ect.... Thanks, Kyle
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