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  1. I'm brand new to all this, so can someone help me out? I just purchased the Ownhammer 112DLXVRP package, downloaded it to my Mac and now I have 4 different cabs/speakers. So far so good. Within each of these separate folders are 3 separated sub-folders labeled Mics, Mixes and Quick Start. Inside each of these folders are a LOT of separate wav files. So, when I import an IR into Helix, what do I select - a Mic file, Mix file, Quick Start file? All the above? There are well over 100 combined files in these three folders for each separate speaker option. So, nice that Ownhammer has given me tons of options, but how in the world to I demo all these files and pick one or three I like. I guess I need a demo of what to do with all these wav files and how to apply them to the Helix.
  2. Nope, Master set on 10. I did manage to update the firmware to 1.10.
  3. Arghh! I'm using a Mac, dowloaded Line6HelixDriver1.0.0.dmg, ran the file and now Helix appears in my sound options. But, I don't see the Installer for firmware updates or the Editor. (FWIW my Helix shipped with firmware 1.04.03). Okay, I'm semi-new to a Mac as well as the Helix, but I follow directions well. Headphone volume is also low, comfortable listening level when set to max.
  4. I'm brand new to Helix, just plugged it in today. My issue is the output volume to my powered monitors (KRK VXT8's) is very, very low. I've got the volume on the monitors turned to max. On the Helix, the big volume knob needs to be near max to get home volumes I consider to be only a bit too loud. When I roll off my guitar volume the volume disappears when that knob is below 7 or so. I have set the channel volume on various patches to near max, not all that much difference. I've tried using both quarter inch and balanced outputs to the monitors, have checked the global settings to make sure they are set correctly. So, if I can barely get home volumes to adequate levels, how will I ever be able to use this at a gig? Any help suggestions?
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