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  1. That is interesting. Also explains the USB noise I get when using a long USB cable and the XLR out. I spent most of Sat chasing down the issue. I had to use a shorter USB cable with a ferrite bead on the end. I would think if you plugged the tablet and the Helix into a powered USB hub the problem would be solved. Why the helix would need USB power makes no sense to me either.
  2. Thank you all for the replies. Just FYI here is the response from the Line6 ticket I submitted: Tablets that run Windows systems actually are not supported. The USB ports on those tablets have different protocols, that have more power saving features. Because of this, we have seen connection problems with most Tablets. If you want to use the Editor for the Helix, we recommend using a Mac or PC laptop or desktop. Thanks, Pete Line 6 Support Now, I'm a network engineer by trade, the statement about USB ports on a tablet using a different protocol is just not correct. Different plugs for sure, but not the underlying data stream. The info regarding the power savings features is correct, but that is easy to fix. I have an existing tablet that is a little big for what I want to do, it also has 8Gb and a 256 ssd. I'll try it with the editor first and let you guys know what I find out.
  3. I'm looking at getting a small tablet to use the editor with. For the life of me I can't find the system requirements, specifically the RAM requirements, for the Helix editor. There are some really cheap Windows 10, 1-2 GB 10" tablets available. Anyone running the editor on a cheap tablet or know the location of the requirements?
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