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  1. I took my Variax to Stringed Instrument Services (http://www.sisguitars.com/ - they are an authorized Line 6 repair center). They discovered a few bad connections. The guitar works GREAT now! Pickups are loud as is the modeling pickup. If you are in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend SIS for guitar and amp repairs! (they do authorized repairs for many music stores in the area!).
  2. Psark.... I will give it a go. Charlie, I did try it plugged directly to an amp without a battery. Still very little sound.
  3. Maybe I should reset all settings and push them to the guitar?
  4. I was thinking... if it was a bad contact, then why would the sound be loud using the piezo but almost no sound using the mags? Could it be a relay or pickup button itself?
  5. Where is the "Force" option? Is it within the HD500X Edit program? Thanks for all the replies. I am just getting around to testing them out.
  6. Hello Community! I'm a new LTV-69 owner and had a question about using the magnetic pickups. When I don't have the modeling turned on with the 1/4" cable being used through my guitar amp, my guitar hardly makes any sound. I have to crank the volume of my amp way up just to hear anything. If i turn on the modeling pickup, I can have the amp volume on 2 and I hear it well. I did have it connected to a HD500X so maybe I sent a configuration to the guitar that is causing this issue? Any suggestions? Thank you!
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