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  1. Thank you so much, Phil. I'll read up on this. I bought my PC+ as a demo, and the only thing in the box besides the cover was the black 'quick start' guide that sits on top. I did download the manual, but since I didn't (don' fully understand it yet, I was searching for info on loops when they obviously weren't there. Thanks again to everyone. I've got some studying to do. Regards, Matt
  2. Thanks so much. ... Hmm... Is that the case only when the PC+ is FRFR (just a speaker), or also the case when the PC+ is set to model a speaker? (Is there any difference?) Sorry, I am so old school that I'm not sure that I'm asking the question correctly. I prefer the speaker emulation (right word?) from the PC+ (feels more real...moving air...I want feedback), and wanted to skip the amp/speaker settings entirely on the Helix so that I can set the amp and forget it...and then just control all FX with the Helix. Thinking further...IF I'm thinking this through correctly, and the PC+ is only the speaker, then the Helix MUST then, by default, be the amp (block), correct? So I could skip the speaker setting on the Helix entirely, but must then keep the amp block on the Helix, and as mentioned, put the delays and reverbs after the amp block. And thinking further...Line6 *probably* uses the same algorithms for their speaker simulations in both the Helix and PC+, so why not do everything in the Helix? (And then the PC+ would be on FRFR, I believe...?) If that path is correct, then my next question is: does this feel/feedback like a real amp? I guess that I've got more testing to do. Am I close to understanding this signal chain? It's beginning to sound simpler, but even the 'total novice' videos and literature take many things for granted, and are hard to follow at times. Regards to all again, Matt
  3. Hi all --- A friend demoed PC/PC+ for me, and I'm thinking of switching, but I have one question that I can't find answered anywhere. (I've spend many hours looking...really!) I've been using a Helix with the 4-cable method with my old amp to get an effects loop, but I can't find any documentation or even a brief mention on how to do this with a Powercab. I know that Powercab (or at least PC+) has numerous inputs, but do any of them allow the Helix to send the additional data for an effects loop? I'm a newb to digital, so please be gentle and state anything obvious. Thank you so much! ML
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