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  1. Hi again. I tried everything, but never managed to solve this issue, even had a long going official support ticket with Line6, but even those guys had to give up. I hope that a future new firmware and/or driver update with rid us of this problem. For the time being you can work around it as I stated earlier, bu having the usb-cble unplugged when you start your pod, THEN plug in it, that way you can use Line6 edit even though this issue still exists.
  2. Trying some stuff with tips from the Line6-ppl in my support ticket now, still no progress though. WIll post here if things works out.
  3. Sorry, I may have been unclear again, when I've written "boot up" I mean when I start the pod, "boot up the pod". The problem has noting to do with the computer's booting process, only the Pod's.
  4. Yeah, I know, so I've tried a bunch of ports, both USB2 and USB3, back and front and directly on the mother board, no difference. Acctually found out that a friend of mine runs a computer with the same mother board and the same processor as me, both the very same models. So gonna try theese stuff on that one next. This is so weird, both pods even work to edit in, as long as I don't have the cable plugged in during boot up. If I boot up the pod, THEN plug in the USB cable, all the amps are there, and I can edit it in Line6Edit, save presets and everything. It's just that damn booting up... what can the Pods possibly sense through the USB cable (regardless of any Line6 software running of not) that causes it do deny the authorizations of model packs? Blows my mind.
  5. Ok, I now know that it's something with my new computer that's causing this. I took my PodXTLive to a friend and installed all Line6 software, and everything worked as it should. So, that only left two options as far as I could figure; something with my computer that's causing this, or a hardware malfunction with the PodXTLive. So, I purchased a friend's PodXTPro, just to make shure. :D I took the PodXTPro home, plugged it in, registered it and authorized it. No problem. Then I installed all my addons to it, also not a problem. But it suffers the exact same problem as the XTLive, when booting up with the USB cable attached. Thus not a hardware malfunction with either of the Pods. I've checked and rechecked, updated and re-updated all the chipset and USB drivers for my computer/motherboard, still no success. Then by chance I was browsing through all the software for the XT-series @Line6.com and noticed some information text on the latest drivers (Version for the XT-series, and it says "This driver release fixes problems with model pack authorization on some recent i5/i7 computers and sets the +18 boost for POD HD, POD HD300, POD HD400, POD HD500 and POD HD PRO to off by default." Didn't see this before since I've used Monkey to install the latest drivers. My new computer runs a Intel i7-3770K. So maybe this could cause this, not something with the USB? But the thing is I of course HAVE these latest drivers, so there shouldn't be a problem. Or?
  6. I don't have Pod Farm installed, though Monkey says both Pod Farm's and the USB Firmware's latest version should be v1,12. . You're not getting USB Firmware and Flash Memory mixed up? The first is v1,2 and the latter v3.01. Drivers are v4.2.5.4. EVERYTHING is up to date according to Monkey. :unsure: Strange though, can't find any download for the USB Firmware for PodXT on http://line6.com/software/ If something should happen making have to use Midi it's not a problem, I have midi in/out on my sound card, though I can't see why we should come to that. :) Reinstalled all Line6 software today as well, no change sadly.
  7. That was actually next on my list of stuff to try. I'll report back when I've tried it. Anyone know if the Line6 software place any entries in the registry? So that I maybe have to run CCleaner after the uninstallations.
  8. Monkey is v1.62, I meant that Monkey stated my firmware to be v1.12, sorry if my english is backwards, thought the comma would separate the two. :)
  9. Ok, better not meddle with that then. Tried reinstalling the latest USB Firmware once more, but this time that didn't go so well, I got the following error: "PODxt Live update failed. (Code 80007105) Firmware verify failed. PLEASE turn the device OFF and on again. Try the update again, making sure the cables are still connected." The firmware in question is the latest according to Monkey, v1.12. Weird, I can swear I tried this once before and it went ok reinstalled the latest version, interesting that it didn't work this time, tried maybe three times without luck. What could this mean?
  10. I have a supprt ticket started, got the first respone now and started to answer questions, I also linked to this thread wich till probably speed things up since they can see what's allready been tried. Ahh, I see. Yes, I know it's a language, thought you meant I had to have the compiler on the computer as well, I only reacted since I've never had to have that before. :) And I assume a fresh Win7 would have stuff like that built in these days, but I'll try to check it out if it is so. I thought it was only Java that was required, and that's only for Line6Edit at that. Yeah, me too, googled like crazy for the same problem before I wrote here. :D Really appreciate your help guys! Per suggestions from the support ticket folks I registered the pod on me Line6.com account as well. Don't really know why it wasn't, I'm quite sure that options wasn't there back in the day, or I may just have missed it. Anyhow it didn't solve anything. I'm considering whether or not a complete factory reset of the Pod would help. Only question is how do I do that? Only options I can find is to re-install latest drivers and whatnot in Monkey, no option for a complete reset. Any tips/thoughts?
  11. Tried several USB ports and cables, same result. I run Win7 x64 Home Premium. Everything up to date, including motherboard/chipset drivers. Why try Gearbox? It isn't Line6Edit that's the problem. It's simply when I have a USB cable plugged in between the pod and the PC (regardless of any Line6 software running or not) that the pod won't accept the addons. Of course I could start up the pod with the cable out, then plug it in when the pod is booted up, and then both have access to the addons as well as being able to edit in Line6Edit, but it feels as if I can't really trust the pod until I've/we've figured out what's causing this, especially since I'm gonna start using it live. :) C++? Why should that matter? That's just a compiler, isn't it? Don't you mean Java? My Java is ok and working properly though.
  12. Yes, I see my ESN in License Manager, as well as all the model packs.
  13. Yeah, I hope so too. Can I unauthorize an addon? And how do I do that? When I look under the "Software Addons" menu on my account @Line6.com it displays all of them, but just once, no double Metalshop, I simply just have them all.' License Manager display the Pod and my computer as authorized. I authorized the comupter now to see if there was any difference but alas, that was not the case. From my account: "You currently are using 2 out of 4 active devices." - The pod and the computer "You currently are using 2 out of 10 lifetime devices." - on my second now 'cause of the unauthorize/reauthorize test yesterday I guess.
  14. Ok, now things got really weird. :) Yes, everything has shows as aouthorized and green ticks in Monkey. I followed your advice and disconnected from USB before booting up the pod (why didn't I simply think of this and try before?). When showing the boot screen, the pod displayed all my addons. And now the sound is as it should. I then power down the pod and connect the USB-cable, boot it up, and the error message appears again. What the...?!? :D Can it have something to do with also authorizing my computer? I've never done so before, but maybe theres been a change in validation and your computer needs to be authorized as well? Seems like the computer is the bastard that's telling my pod it can't use the addons, regardless of any Line6 software being open or not. And I've always had the USB-cable plugged in before since this pod is only being used in my home studio. Sad to hear of your troubles, if you read my response to the above quote you'll se what just happened here this morning, sadly this don't seem to affect your problem though, and... ... this doesn't apply to me, since it's only the addons that are affected. Hence my "not the usual problem" in the topic, but I should have clarified it further, sorry. But your were maybe replying to "ESURIENTES"? Hard to know without a quote. Don't know if this matters, but the first addon I bought was Metal Shop, then later I bought the entire collection of addons in one pack when Line6 had an offer to get the all at once for a good price, so (non?)technically I have double Metal Shop. :) Thanks again guys for your help.
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