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  1. Hey Dragon! Thanks for the response! Here's what we're looking at with the spider v. 1.No fx loop 2.Full range speaker system (10") 3.Amp/Cab sims can be turned off for what would then be a dry signal I'm guessing. Now that I'm really looking at this thing, I'm thinking in theory it should work. My Helix should be here Saturday. I'll just have to give it a go and I'll update here. Thanks for your input man!
  2. Hey guys! I just ordered a Helix and it should be here this weekend!!! Its primary use will be for home recording. About a month ago I purchased a spider V and was wondering if its possible to run the Helix through it until I save some cash for a frfr. Am I correct in the thought that if I run through the input into a patch with no amp/cab sim I should be ok? I hope everyone is having a blast creating with their Helix! Cheers!
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