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  1. Well, the silence is deafening. I guess I'm right about my assumptions. Nothing changes. Maybe I can find a used Ax-Fx on ebay...
  2. Oh and let's not forget the buggy software/firmware and for goodness sake the FLASH MEMORY that continually craps out....
  3. Second (AND THIRD) verse, same as the first and frankly I'm really sick of dealing with Line6's Quality Control issues. Cold solder joints crimped ribbon cables, defective foil paths, etc ad nauseum. When one pays this kind of price for a unit that's fairly simple (construction wise) as this you'ld expect to NOT have to constantly flash, reboot, safe mode, tap, tweak, unbend, replace, resolder, and all the rest of the INDIGNITIES you put us through with the crappy QC just to keep the damned thing running. And you expect us to buy your new stuff?? I REALLY wanted a variax because I have 9 guitars (and need 2 more) and switching all the time is no fun. But I can't see myself buying the X3 Pro or HD Pro X and Variax with all the crap I go through with your products. The money I've spent trying to stay running is money I could have spent on something MORE DEPENDABLE than the 3 XT Pros now in my junk box along with 2 guitarports and a UX1! Now the 3 mod packs are also useless. Another hundred bucks down the hole! To cut you a break, one XT had the front end blown out by an EMP generated from a nearby lightning strike. The rack was completely unplugged from the wall, but the GUITAR was still plugged in. The strings and pickups acted as an antenna for the emp and blew the input. No, changing the input module didn't help. But I digress... How can I trust your products anymore?? Is there anything you can say for the products since the XT Pro that MIGHT change my mind?? I REALLY want to believe... Thank you for your attention. Signed, A Really Pissed Off Customer
  4. I know this is old but someone else may come across this... Go through the patches one at a time and look for any that are corrupted. Overwrite any corrupted patches with something new and then try sync again. Any corrupted patch will hose it up.
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