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  1. I researched the G10 indepth before picking one up, for myself it is right, it works flawlessly, it is small and simple. Quick, easy wireless for 250.00 ( canadian ), it fits all my guitars without an issue and if the issue arised with a new guitar not being wired in order to work, I wouild happily rewire the jack to keep using this system. What I really like about this unit is it's size, no belt clips, wires, straps need and can be left plugged in the guitar while in the stand.
  2. Just picked up the HD150/w Cabnet and I love it, everything seems great so far. I have figured out so far that I need the following. Spider Monkey ( for updates ) Line 6 Updater Spider IV Edit While looking around I noticed there is IOS Apps for Line 6, Does the Spider Edit for IOS work for the HD150 when used with the pedal board? (MKII? ) Is there any other tools/apps that work with it? Appreciate any help!
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