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    connected but nothing happens

    I have tried multiple devices, two iphones (5S + &S) and an Ipad, device timeout, update failed, restart amplifi....this reeks of a scam....to use the amplifi remote I need to update flash memory on the amplifi, and I cannot update the flash memory...problem is I waited to recieve the printer USB, and now I cannot return the amplifi, I am basicly left with an ugly bluetooth speaker....this is truly a horrible product, I would advice everyone NOT TO BUY THIS
  2. jhalasarr

    connected but nothing happens

    Dear community I recently purchased an Amplifi 150. I installed the amplifi remote on my Ihpone 6S and connected to the Amplifi 150 through Bluetooh. I was successfull according to the app, and I can use the device to play music from Youtube on, so that should hold. My problem is, when I change settings in the app, eg. I want the settings to be like "nothing else matters" or anything else, like just turn up the volume through the app, nothing happens. I cannot controll anything. When I play on my guitar the sound is the "same" no matter the settings in the app. There must be something very basic that I have done wrong, does anyone know what it is? Thank you all in advance for helping out. Best regards Tommy