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  1. Okay, I know this is an old thread, but I just found it today. I read the whole thing. I am compelled to toss in my 27 cents. First, I LOVE; that's "el oh vee ee" my Firehawk FX. I scoped it out before buying it. Don't even know how someone could ever possibly miss the fact that it was NOT ever intended to be managed via the PC, but whatevs... After I'd watched several youtube vids. scoured Line 6 websites, and oodles of threads I knew exactly what was what. I researched the PROS | CONS and was well aware that the only way to edit/tweak patches was via a remote app for either iPad or Android. Now, I had briefly lamented the idea that no PC wizardry would be possible aside from updating my FHFX via USB. But I thought, big deal. I want something I can hit those sweet patches with -- easily -- and I found the "PERFECT" appliance in the Firehawk FX. Besides being wireless (despite a little lag while switching between patches) I'd even found one that was totally cool. None of the other guys I gig with had anything like it. Now got that out of the way. I will say this: After all the pre-purchase research, I decided to rent one for a month. I made my dude from Long & McQuade promise me that if I ended up buying it he'd have to include my rental fee in my purchase. Yes, I am a pretty smart cookie. So fast forward, now I've had the Firehawk FX for going on 2 years, and I still LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I even had the blessing of having the sound-guy from my local church go out and buy one for the church. He did this because he saw how much I loved mine, how ridiculously easy it was to use, and how COOL it is too, and because he was tired of feeling like crying each time I packed mine up to take it home after a service. This is just waaay too cool too because now I can just show up to church and log into my own tones and I'm ready to go. Wow. Until you get used to that, you'll just never understand what a freedom and blessing this is. The Firehawk FX is a tool for the player who pulls their patches out of the cloud or tweaks their own patch and then uploads it to the cloud or even just stores it as a preset in the pedalboard. Then just pulls out their phone or iPad and goes to work. It's not for making a movie or a record. There are plenty of gear options for you to do those things, and, well actually, you could do this with the FHFX too. You'd just use it as a digital workstation because it does connect to the pc or mac via USB. But I digress. Marketed for ease of use/access and reliability of tone -- AND YES it does this flawlessly. For slightly south of $500.00 bucks there is just no equal quite as cool, portable and functional. Other players burn with envy when they see me use my rig. Those who hear me play -- freak out -- at how awesome the tones are that I dial in just straight out of the cloud especially when they see me log in on my cell phone or iPad, pull up my tone library/tone search, and start playing all under 10 mins! And I do all this with one hand while enjoying my caramel macchiato with the other hand. The Firehawk Dominates. It has no equal for what it is meant for. I will play mine for live gigging forever. You, and ten more guys just like you won't pry it from my cold dead hands after I'm gone. ;)
  2. So I just want to chime in... I LOVE my FHFX!!! I am a very very active church song leader/lead guitarist. With over 30+ years of playing experience. I think I can claim to be a fairly accomplished guitar player, not that I don't have tons to learn, cause baby I surely do. I've owned a variety of pedals with my last "A-Rig" being a custom made board with about 15 boutique stomps on it. I've owned/used several Digitech multi-effects units, some rack mounted systems i-Rig - DODs & Boss & Many More etc. So say all that to say -- when I found the FH, I found a device that was just what I wanted. A great pedal with highly genuine replication of effects chains that I can find easily and tweak/customize to perfection. Maybe because I'm into the whole U2-ish sound with dotted eighth delays and transparent OD, added compressions and such perhaps I'm in a place where Contemporary feel and sound is a-plenty. I don't know for sure, but KUDOS to Line6 and the makers of the Firehawk FX because it is an awesome awesome pedal. I had read up extensively on everything from the Amplifi to the Helix and knew just what I was getting into prior to renting a FHFX for a month to try it out before committing to any of Line6's products. So I really did know very well what I was and was NOT getting. But pleased to learn after now about a year of hard-core usage, that what I got was a great pedal that I can connect to with Bluetooth from my phone or iPad that comes with the ability of browsing tones - granted tones which were produced by -- some authors better than others -- but HEY! I can OFTEN find tones I can use instantly. I am able to punch in artist names or their song titles into a cloud search and sample tons and tons of chains, and when I don't like what I can find, I can edit em! Wow! Great Job Line6, way to go! Thank you for giving me the Firehawk FX. Oh, BTW my FHFX has become my new "A-Rig".
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