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  1. I replaced the input jack assembly since it is cheaper than buying a new PCB(coffin). Still no analog (1/4" jack) output with battery or A/B box. Does anyone have a component test list? You know, check R2 or D5 on PCB. I've found other reference out there, but not for the variax 600. Thanks, Frank
  2. When I first got my Variax it worked on both battery and the A/B box. I recently went to use it and could not get it to work with batteries or the A/B box. Changed the batteries, still no sound. It does work fine using my POD XT live. The only thing that I've done since I got it was a firmware update. I tried reflashing and no change. I check the diodes that I've seen posted as a possible issue and they are also fine. Is there a schematic available to better trouble shoot with? Any suggestions? Thanks! :)
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