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  1. Hi Frankie_G. I had the same problems but I succeeded in solving them. I unscrewed the connection cover and discovered that one plug (the electric one) was unplugged, due to the fact that its cable is a bit short. So I plugged it, and now the guitar sounds perfectly. If your guitar is no longer under warranty, as I suppose, try and check the cables: unplug and replug them, and then let us know :-). IMHO M
  2. Thank you Charlie_Watt. Thank you Mavril, as for Italy I found this: http://lemi.org/yamaha_line6.htm. I'll ask them if the sitll repair discontinued Variax guitars.
  3. Thank you Charlie_Watt for your message. Do you think it could be repaired in a not too much expansive way? Have you experienced similar problems (hope for you you didn't)?
  4. Hi everyone. I bought a second-hand Variax 700 Acoustic (serial number 04091754). All plugs are correct and all equipment is original, still when I plug it following the given instructions, the guitar doesn't turn on. The equipment is: 1 Planet Waves Stereo Cable 1 XPS Footswitch (Line6 D.I.) It seems as if the footswitch does not supply the guitar, even it is is on (red light on). Beside, after a while, even if it is connected to the AC network, the footswithc turns off autonomously. If I use AA alcaline batteries, the guitar turns on but does not produce any sound. When I unplug it, the guitar remains on (green light of the knob). Any clue? Am I doing some wtong pasage? It the guitar is damaged, how to repair it, and where? I write from Italy. Thank you for your attention.
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