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  1. Hello room. I have owned a Lowdown 300 watt combo for quite a few years. Totally love it and had zero problems .. until the other day. This is a little difficult to describe but I will do my best. When I play in my normal finger style, it sounds great regardless of the volume, punchy in the middle, smooth on the bottom end and clear crisp highs however, when I change to a slap bass style, there is a weird "distortion" on the higher frequencies when I "pull" on a note whether I dampen the note or let it ring out. It doesn't sound like a split cone but more like there is a chorus or phase effect switched on?, (which there isn't, I checked and all effects are off). It is almost as though there is a loose connection and the note is clipping and phasing. Once again, this only happens when I pull the note and on the high frequencies and also happens at lower volumes so it doesn't sound like an overload or simple distortion. I have no idea if the Lowdown has a tweeter but if it does, I was thinking that maybe it has blown and I could simply switch it for a new one? If not perhaps it is a connection problem? I would take it to a dealer but I live in Southern Spain and there are no official suppliers anywhere near. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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