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    Gr55 hook up

    Hi everyone, could any off you knowledgable people help me solve the best way to connect my gr55 to my new helix rack? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys, my rack and hs7 monitors arrived today. Being a newbie is there some standard setting in the rack I should set up, input setting global eq and such like. Thank for any help
  3. Well jumped into it now ordered the rack an floor with hs7 through Thomann so no doubt I'll be a pain in the lollipop on here now
  4. Ok that's for all your help think I might try a pair of Yamaha hs7s and go from there. not many bad reviews on any sites so will try them out. Thanks
  5. Guys, but I'm driving myself nuts deciding which active monitors to get. Yamaha hs 5 7 8,, jbl and numerous others. I have a decent size room I play in what suggestions would ye give me for desktop speakers. Thanks in advance as I've never played through near field monitors only combos and big cabs.
  6. Thanks guys for all your help, defiantly going to get the rack and floor units this week. Don't know yet if I'm going to get rid of both amps and cabs yet as I have storage for them but will I use them again I don't know. Thanks again for help no doubt I'll be asking more questions if you good people don't mind.
  7. Hi guys, if I buy helix rack why would I need helix native? Aren't they the same product? Thanks
  8. Line 6bbd any suggestions on headphones?
  9. Hi, thanks for your replys and help. Yes I'm only a hobby player but have had all sorts of gear to go with amps. How's the time to downsize i think and have only heard good things about helix. Also I did have reaper on an old laptop and dabbled with home recording so think I'll get back into that again. Can anyone tell me what cables I might need to hook up said gear I've mentioned in this thread. Thanks again
  10. Hi to one and all. I'm about to sell my Marshall jvm 410 head and cab, also my laney vh100r both 4x12. Moving house dictates this as space is at a premium.Going all out for helix rack and control and thinking jbl 308 monitors would save space. Have to add I've never done the modelling thing it's going to be a bit of a learning curve. Thinking of adding a couple of mission pedals. Can any of you more knowledgable people advise on anything else I might need. Thanks in advance
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