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  1. OK I figured it out. I was not pressing the channel buttons down firmly enough. I see it's possible to lightly press or more fully press in each channel button. When I pressed in firmly, the lights began blinking. Then I released and pressed again less firmly for 2 seconds to save the tone. That worked.
  2. I recall seeing all four channel lights blink several times when I saved to channel A. Now any time I try to save a tone by pressing B, C, or D, I believe the amp is changing to the factory preset. The lights aren't blinking and the tone and settings aren't being saved. I can't find any detailed instructions online.
  3. I have a Spider IV 30 watt. I'm unsure how to save a tone I customized. It think I've saved it to channel A. But I now want to put that tone on B, and then put another custom tone to A, so I can switch with foot controller from A to B. When I press B to save the tone, the amp changes to the factory preset that's on B. I've seen instructions for restoring the factory presets, but little on saving your own. I recall seeing instructions to hold one of the buttons down for 2 seconds to save to that channel. Is that right?
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