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  1. Hi guys (and girls) ...this is my 1st post here (Variax noob lol, although I've had my pod X3 live for a while.... love it!) Just bought a beautiful, pre-owned Variax 700 black & it's perfect apart from what I'm discovering is quite a common issue with the trem arm (the retaining grub screw is missing & the plastic insert in the bridge has almost disappeared too, meaning the arm wobbles around in the bridge). So.... I surfed around loads of forums to see how other players were dealing with this and I've come up with my own solution, which I hope will be a good, permanent cure. Step 1 - I can see the mark on the arm left by the original grub screw, so I know where the new screw is gonna contact the arm. I'm gonna cut a small slot right around using a junior hacksaw - probably about 1mm deep. Then I'll use a small triangular file to so the slot tapers in to a point. I've been told the original screw gauge is M3(3mm), so I ordered a pack of 5 x M3 x 3mm long pointed grub screws from Ebay (99p - post free lol). The point of the screw is hopefully gonna sit perfectly in my newly slotted whammy bar. Step 2 - Ebay again haha - I ordered a 200mm length of clear heatshrink tubing (unshrunk size 6.4 mm, coz the arm is 5mm) - cost £2.49. I'll cut a 15mm length & shrink it to the bottom end of the arm, up to but not covering the slot, then try it in the hole to see if it's still wobbly (probably will be - I'm expecting 2 or 3 layers to be about right). When I'm happy, I'll put the same amount on the arm just above the slot (8 or maybe 10mm long), then I know the arm is fitting the hole properly for how I like it, so all that's left is to keep it securely in it's place. Step 3 - Ermm....Ebay again?..'fraid so lol. Ordered a 25ml bottle of A43 Threadlock (£3.95 total) to keep my new grub screw in place long term (you can still remove the screw if you wanna, but I don't - until I need to). All I need to do is insert the arm to the right depth, so that the point of the screw meets my slot, put a tiny drop of A43 on the screw, then fit the screw with just enough depth to stop the arm ejecting right in the middle of my crowd-pleaser solo, then go to bed (or the pub....depending what time of day it is lol) and when I next pick up my new baby..... it's job done! So... just waiting on the postman - probably 3-4 days - then I'll go for it. I'll post the results with photos if I can & details of any changes of plan if something I missed rears it's ugly head, but I'm quietly confident I'm gonna have a good result. If so..... it's £7.43 well spent & I've still got 4 grub screws (allen key type, like the original), & loads of clear heatshrink & threadlocker left over for future maintenance. The only possible grief I can imagine is if the thread for the 3mm screw is stripped..... No fear - if that's happened I'll tap a new 3.5mm thread & spend another 99p on new M3.5 screws (and wait another few days!) To be continued..........
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