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  1. To the dude that found the shorted 1000uf 6.3v cap c20 on the dsp board: You are a troubleshooting genius. I'll buy you the drink of your choice next time you are in Orlando. I unscrewed the dsp board and turned it over and put my harborfreight ohmmeter across c20 and it was a dead short. I unsoldered that booger and stuck in a 25v 330uf I had sitting around and plugged it in and turned it on, and it worked like new. Unbelievable. Now I can add surface mount dsp electronics repair to my resume'. Great Forum folks.
  2. Top line in original message... "it sounds like a modem connecting" warbling 1-2K square waves, freq changes when I touch tip of cord. No knobs operate. How do you reset or reflash or disable the digital stuff? I haven't taken the amp out of the case yet... was waiting for a forum reply, and I thanks you guys for replying.
  3. My bud has a Spider 75. He says 'fix it'. When I turn it on, and plug a guitar cord in, it sounds like it is connecting to a modem... crazy tones. I'm guessing its the darn digital stuff jumping into the analog. So thinks me The Old Dude, I'll just try and isolate prob to preamp or power amp. Imagine my surprise when the back doesnt reveal any preamp out or power amp in jacks. Anyone else ever heard this weird noise? Amp doesnt work. I held in button A to try to reset. Any way to operate in degraded mode (computer held in reset, no effects, just jack thru preamp to amp)?. At least that would let you finish the gig with a chorus pedal or something. Do all the factory service dudes have 4 year EE degrees? I do. Send me the link to the factory manual. If I find out whats wrong with this booger, I'll tell yall. Thanks.
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