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  1. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  2. The POD HD series model gallery has the following statement: "Model Types and Mono/Stereo Signal Routing It is important to note that some Models (all EQs, Wahs & Volume, and some Modulations, Filters, Pitches and Delays, as well as the FX Loop) preserve a stereo output within the signal chain, while others (all Dynamics, Distortions, all Amps & Preamps, and other various Models) are mono FX and do not. The POD HD500X Inputs 1 & 2 are fed into the signal chain as stereo (see “Page 3, Setup: Input Options†on page 2•3). Therefore, wherever a mono FX or Amp Model is inserted, the Left & Right channels of this stereo signal is “mono-ized†and heard as a two-channel mono signal at the Model’s output." The booklet does not include the vocoder that I have in my HD500X. So is there an update to the model gallery available out there? Also, can anyone tell me if the vocoder is a mono or stereo module? Appreciate the help.
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