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  1. Yea i adjusted my pickups, experimenting too much, untill i made it worse and worse getting far away from the professional set up that i paid a good amount of cash for. I admit i messed his work up. Im curious what can i say. And i wouldnt have messed with em if i was satisfied with the sound to begin with though, so im not entirely at fault, just mostly guilty. I did set them back to factory heights (the poles and the whole pu), and that is why i think it is just my taste vs those 57 pu's, that dont agree. i know for a fact i love the 490/498 set cause i had those in another lp i own.
  2. one of the things i like about the spider IV 15 is that it sounds good at low volume. Partly because im terrible still and mostly because i dont want to let my neighbors know i have anything of value in my place. I live in that kind of place... just south of Oakland Ca. And then there is her, the lady of the house, which is the reason i mostly use headphones. opening the amp up at full volume is not an option. My other amp danelectro is too quiet until i go just pat 0.8 then it jumps to too loud. I cannot even use that amp here and it has a unique sound but the distortion is too fuzzy, so it led me to this spider. Thanks for your tips I WILL definitely revisit the settings using your method. Kinda how i set it up too. I am almost positive that my problem has to do with my pickups, i never took the time to compare the 57's to the 490/498's, but if you do that you find they are worlds apart from each other. Getting all the strings to cut through the lows is a difficult challenge . I want the loudest string to be the last one i play and i want my chords to accent all of the strings in it evenly. Think of the beginning to "Rock Candy". I add that much drive and i cannot hear the high e and b strings hardly at all so pick up adjusting has become a pain for me, when i think the real answer is to replace the 57's with the hotter 490/498 combo... I JUST NOTICED HOW I AM BABBLING SORRY
  3. thats the one I have not seen the spider III but im enjoying the IV 15, just wish i knew how to get the right tone im trying to get... i think it might come down to different pickups. I have a 2015 LP studio with a 57 classic and a 57 plus, and i think the tone i am trying to get is that found with 490/498 pickups. But maybe i just need a better knowledge of the tone settings on the amp, Just started getting serious about guitar again, after being a drummer all my life. Always fiddled with it but now im actually turning into a guitarist. My problem seems to be multiple issues really... i get one thing close but it causes another, example, I am getting way too much quack, like 70's disco wahka wahka wacka, i turn the tone down on the treble and then i cant hear my high e, or b and g strings over the lower e and a. messed with pole height probably made things worse, tried putting back to factory specs and back to the first problem again. its either too muddy or to tinny like am radio compression.
  4. Brazzy, that must have been too cute. Hope you got it for her... and im glad that my thread put a smile on you. One smile makes it worth it and that was the purpose. (to see if someone would smile). The funny thing is i found the spidy dude, and sat him down on my amp. It was over an hour later that i realized what i had actually done, as it hit me, the amp is also named spider... haha thats when i took the photo. I might not have even made the connection except for i left the red sticker on the amp that was on the showroom floor that says SPIDER IV Million guitarists cant be wrong...it covers 1/3rd of the speaker grill.
  5. not sure what method i am supposed to use to put a pic in my msg. Thought you guys might like to see who handles my spider IV 15 controls for me... Hope it works
  6. i was asking if i could basically disable the "saved" settings feature so that it is always set to how the dials are , regardless of what channel i choose. I want to change the amps from clean, crunch, and metal, or insane, but i want to rely on settings i can "See" on my dials without having to turn all the dials to get it back to manual mode. I didnt find this answer in the manual. IF i cant that is my answer, but are you sure just touching one dial sends it back to settings on the dials or dont i have to touch all of them? at least with the effects i do.
  7. Oh yeah i been using that from the start. I just want to know how i can change channels, but leave the dials on manual. So that switching channels doesnt change my settings. And so i can visually see what my settings are when i switch channels.
  8. i realize that i am using one side to record to a mono channel and i am ok with that for the time being. I do hear through both sides of headphones, from the scarlett solo, but i realize it is a mono signal being sent to the "center". Are the right and left channels essentially the same as two mono signals, played together anyways? i mean if i do seperate them wont they both be two of the same? The scarlett records the right channel as a mono signal the left channel from the amp is basically ignored. i hear the same thing that i play/or record. I can simply copy the track i recorded and assign one track right and one left and bounce them to a stereo track and it is stereo again, no? Ill look for an adapter but i dont think i have the 1/4" to 1/4" ones here or any cash at the moment.
  9. the interface takes the stereo input and sends either the right or left to one channel only, (unless i use two inputs and separate the right and left stereo output to two cables). so by using one input the interface converts it to mono. (this is what they told me anyway could be they are wrong?), its a focusrite scarlett solo. And it works, i record to one channel then using my program i bounce the track to a stereo mix, or copy it to a mono track and send to the opposite side for stereo if for whatever reason i want different effects on right and left channels. (never tried that) although i get everything through both sides on headphones unless i tell the program to only send to one side or the other. On the other end, i'm using a 2015 les paul studio with 57 classic and 57 plus pickups
  10. Just got my first line 6 amp the other day and what i think i understand is the i can press and hold any of the 4 buttons and whatever the dials are at will become the settings next time i use that button to go to that channel. Ok fine, but is there a way to go to that channel and instead of automatically changing my current settings, back to whatever i had last stored have it so it is always the ACTUAL position of my manual settings? Thats my first question, but im also trying to find the easiest way to know if the settings are actually what the dials say they are without having to go turn all of them down and back up everytime i change amp channels. Several times the amp suddenly makes my treble pick up sound way off and the rhythm pick up with more slappy bright tone than the treble pickup and thats just weird, like they reversed, but then ill go play clean or just give up and stop playing, then its normal again. I do not mean it was loading a preset til i changes settings i didnt do anything when it started and then i pressed the preset buttons went through all of them and it was still messed up. NOT even manually changing the dials would help. I dont know exactly how i got rid of it. (edit) but it has happened seemingly randomly, more than a couple times. And I may have forgot to mention i am running my line 6 spider IV 15 to a scarlett solo pc interface from the headphone output of the amp. So i have only experienced this with the headphone out.
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