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  1. I bought the cord new but not sure if the amp has its own kind of cord, I couldn't find a cord for the flextone 2xl is there a possibility it could be the wrong power cord. First time trying the amp in a while and brand new cord
  2. How versatile are line6 power cables, like could you use the same cable for a spider on a flextone or vice versa, My amp has a hum to it awful, Don't know if it could be the cable. The outlet is grounded. give possible solutions please, can't afford to have it checked.
  3. I have a Flextone 2xl and recently bought a power cord for it. now it's got a terrible hum, anyways, it is one I bought off an ebay store brand new. My question is: Is it the power cord or is it the amp in anyway? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Please send any thing it could be
  4. I've just got a flextone 2 XL that I never remembered having. Bought a power cable for it. Plugged it in and all I get is a loud hum regardless the channel. Can I have any help in knowing what could be the problem? Is it the power cable not for that amp? Do I need to have it checked out (but I'm broke)? Or would a good cleaning do the trick? please help.
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