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  1. Thx for all the replies! of course I knew what I bought and overall I'm super happy with the Helix. Sometimes when I jam with friends they tend to fall out of the tempo, usually stomp to make the rhythm clear. Maybe ill try the midi way with my pc, if I do I'll let you know!
  2. Hi Forum, just got my Helix LT and I'm still in the process of learning what this thing can and can't do. I want to use the Helix as a kind of digital drumset. So when I push foodswitch A it makes a high-hat sound, on B a snare, on D a basedrum. Is that possible? Could it be added with impulse responses? Might be difficult beacause it would not be a response to an electric impulse but rather to an impact on the footswitch. Would love to hear your opinion or advice!
  3. cool thx a lot! That explains why the wire is connected to the body. I guess in that case it is safe to use for the guitar, just not for me XD When I knew it was on the 5 way toggle the broken point was hard to unsee.
  4. Hey everyone, I think I just made a big mistake. I took off the pickguard from my Variax standard to see how hard it would be to replace it. When enjoying the inside of the guitar my flatmate slightly bumped into me, now I see a loose turquoise wire. Does anyone know what function it has and if I can just solder it back to where it belongs? Or is my guitar forever ruined? Is it safe to play it in magnetic/Variax mode? I feel pretty stupid right now :-(
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